How to Remove Bubbles from Resin

Things You'll Need

  • epoxy resin (such as EnviroTex Lite, Colores Doming Resin or ICE Resin)
  • multi-purpose lighter (used to light grills, candles and fires)

Ugly bubbles sometimes form when you pour resin to cast jewelry while jewelry making. This tutorial will explain how to remove bubbles so they are not embedded in your epoxy resin cast art jewelry.

Mix the resin according to the manufacturers instructions. Pour the resin into the prepared mold.

You need to add heat to remove the bubbles. Take your butane lighter (the type designed to light grills and candles or start fires) and pass the flame just above the surface of the resin. Be sure you do not to touch the resin as it may be flammable.

Note that is not the heat but the gas the flame gives off that causes the bubbles to evaporate.

If you do not have a lighter, then you can set the resin under a hot light bubble. You can also use a hair dryer on a very low setting and you can use your breath over the surface. Get close and exhale.

Repeat as needed until the bubbles are gone. Then allow the resin to cure as per the manufacturers instructions.

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