How to Remix Songs

Create new music by remixing songs.
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So you have a song you know that you can improve with your creativity. A song is not necessarily finished to perfection or in its best form simply because you hear it on the radio. There is still plenty to be done, and some musicians welcome and encourage their songs to be remixed.

Things You'll Need

  • Song Track
  • Music-Editing Software

Select the song you want to use. This can be a completely mixed down track or the project file with all the tracks in their original individual states. The second option will allow you the greatest freedom and produce the best results.

Import the audio into your recording program. If it’s a mixed down track, it will appear as one line of audio. If you have the original project, it will open with all the tracks in the same order as when the band was working on it in the studio.

Set the tempo and key for the remix. The newer and more polished a song is, the more likely it is to stay at a consistent tempo. This will make it easier for you to add new or rearranged elements. If the song is not consistent, you will need to turn the program’s metronome on, listen to where the track starts to veer from the tempo, cut the track in half and move the listing piece until it is back on tempo.

Select the pieces of the song you want to use. Often, those doing remixes use only a few hooks or the chorus of a song. Once the pieces are selected, you can add new elements and effects, change the key and change the tempo.


  • Let your imagination go wild. The crazier a remix is, the more popular it often becomes.


  • Never release a remix if you do not have permission or the rights to the song.