How to Recycle Plastic Binders

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Plastic binders can accumulate in your home over time from work and school projects, scrapbooks, and paper storage. Plastic binders contain multiple materials, including panels of differing types of plastic, cardboard and metal. You can recycle all the components separately, repurpose the binder in a creative way or you can donate it for reuse. Both recycling and reusing are valid ways to reduce any negative impact on the environment.

Cut all the plastic away from the metal portions of the binder for traditional recycling. Remove any cardboard and separate out remaining plastic and metal. Recycle the plastic and cardboard parts through your local curbside recycling if you have this service, or take the binders to a recycling center.

Donate the binders to a local school or office, which can use them for schoolwork, art projects and work reports. Nonprofits and community centers may also find use for plastic binders.

Reuse the binders in a creative way. For books that are falling apart or losing their covers, insert them in the binder so you don't lose any pages. Incorporate Ziploc bags of an appropriate size and fill them with photos or little bits of art supplies you're trying to keep in one place. Hole punch important papers or old calendars and keep them in a binder. Keep old letters and cards in a binder so you can access your favorite correspondence easily.