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How to Put Together Accordion Shoulder Straps

Because of its large size, accordion players use straps for stabilization.
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Accordions often require stabilization for effective playing. In order to stabilize an accordion, you can strap it to your body with two shoulder straps. Since all players are different, the straps are adjustable. To this end, the straps come in two pieces, and they must be assembled prior to mounting them onto the accordion. Once mounted to the accordion, the straps can be adjusted for fit and comfort.

Things You'll Need:

  • Accordion
  • Right Shoulder Strap
  • Left Shoulder Strap

Connect the top half of the shoulder straps with the bottom half using the adjustable buckle at the end. The top half is the portion containing the padding. The strap halves buckle together like a belt. Pull the bottom strap through the buckle and place the buckle of the top half into the strap hole. Use the first available strap hole at this point. You can adjust for fit later.

Place both straps on a flat surface next to one another. When connected using the same hole, one strap will be longer than the other. The longer strap is the strap for the right shoulder.

Hook the straps to the brackets on the accordion. With the accordion facing you, mount the right strap in the vertical strap slot. This is located on what is the top of the the accordion when it is held.The slot is centered on the side of the keyboard box toward the front edge. Hook the left strap into the horizontal strap mount in the strap slot next to the vertical slot. Slip the end of the strap through the slot, around the metal mounting bar that runs across the slot opening. Buckle the strap closed to create a loop around the bar and secure it in place.

Adjust the straps to fit, so the accordion will be in proper playing position when you are wearing the straps. Adjust the straps by changing the hole that you mount the lower strap to the upper strap buckle. Mount the straps so your chin centers over the black keys of the treble keyboard when the straps are in place.


The process of mounting a single strapped harness is the same, except you mount the right strap only; the left side of the accordion is supported by the hand strap on the bellows.

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