How to Put More Filling in Sofa & Couch Pillows

Sagging and worn sofa pillows can make your home look uninviting. Sofa and couch pillows are so versatile that we keep using them year after year, but the foam filling in some pillows can break down, and cotton filling can wad. This breakdown and wadding is what causes the pillow fabric to become loose. Loose fabric will wear quicker than fabric on a firm pillow. When pillows become uninviting and uncomfortable, revive them simply by adding more filling. Spruce up your home economically when you put more filling the sofa and couch pillows.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp-To-Tip Scissors
  • Thread
  • Cotton Or Foam Rubber Filling
  • Hand Needle
  • Pillow Case
  • Iron

Prepare the pillow

Check for a zipper or easy-open flap on your pillow. This will permit easy removal of the filling. If there is no zipper or flap, examine the pillow cover. Try to recognize the original filling seam, often indicated by a hand stitch. If you can't find a seam that looks like a filling seam, simply choose any seam to unfasten.

Clip the seam thread of the pillow with your sharp-to-tip scissors. Take care not to clip any of the fabric. Keep clipping the seam until one side of the pillow is opened.

Examine the contents of the pillow for condition. If the filling is foam, the condition should be spongy without dust breaking off. If the filling is cotton, the condition should be uniform without wadding. Wadding or deterioration indicates a need to empty the contents of the pillow and discard. If the filling is in good condition empty, the pillow and save the filling for refilling.

Clean the empty pillow cover by soaking it gently in a pan of cool water. Lay it flat for drying. Turn it inside out and press, then turn it right side out and press.

Replace the filling

Mix new cotton filling (or foam rubber filling) with the old filler by placing both in the pillow case. Be sure to have a good mixture of filling. Use only one type of filling in the pillow.

Pack with filling until the pillow feels tight. For softer pillows, use less filling. Begin filling the corners first.

Turn the raw edges to the inside, and hand stitch the opening closed using a straight stitch.


  • You might prefer to use a seam ripper rather than scissors to open the seam on the pillow.


  • Do not simply add filling by putting in on top of the existing filling. This will cause your pillow not to be uniform.