How to Promote & Sell My Art

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Having the talent to create works of art is the first step to becoming an artist. The harder task is to get your name and art out in the public where people can find you, see your works of art and purchase from you. Promoting and selling your art are two tasks that go hand in hand.

Create business cards, fliers and brochures. The card should have your name, number, email address and website, and the fliers and brochures should go into more detail about what type of art you offer and include photos of the artwork. Include all contact information.

Keep the material with you at all times. Place your business cards in every location this is allowed. Many libraries, grocery stores and other businesses have boards where you are allowed to post your business card. Give your business cards to everyone you meet who might have interest in your work. For those who seem more interested, include a brochure or flier.

Build a website. The website should detail your art. Show multiple examples and detailed photos. Include a shopping cart for people to purchase items. Provide both email and phone for potential customers to contact you. Add a blog to your website to write posts and display new art pieces.

Join Internet forums for artists as well as those for people interested in decorating homes. Make sure your website link is listed in your profile, and post your website as often as possible without spamming. Post comments on blogs using your website address. Even if the blog is unrelated, your website address will be picked up and counted as a back link, which will increase your website ranking, thus pushing your site higher up in the search engine. Eventually, this can lead you to having more hits by visitors searching for your type of art. More visitors lead to more sales.

Visit art stores to inquire about the policy for selling your art in the store. Many art stores sign contracts with artists to sell art on commission.

Watch your local papers for information on art shows. Rent booths when possible to display and sell your art. Provide ample business cards, brochures and fliers for people to pick up.

Visit or These are sites where you can list your art for sale. View the information on the sites and list your art there.