How to Price Tattoos

Price Tattoos

How to Price Tattoos. As tattoos become more mainstream, many people are finding the cost is not cheap. Even though there are plenty of tattoo artists, the demand for tattoos continues to grow.

Realize that you will have to pay for quality. The more famous the tattoo artist is and the more experience they have, the more expensive they will be. Bargain hunting for a piece of art permanently etched on your body is probably not a good idea.

Discuss with the tattoo artist how they charge. Some artists charge a flat rate per session, and sessions can run anywhere from two to six hours. Other artists charge per hour with costs ranging from 60 to 120 dollars and more per hour.

Look for posted rates. Some tattoo artists do make up prices on the spot. Sometimes artists determine the price depending on the placement and the complexity of the tattoo. Other times they base the cost on how much the artist thinks they can get out of you. If rates aren't posted, see if you can negotiate.

Plan on tipping your tattoo artist. The minimum tip is 10 percent with 15 to 20 percent considered an average tip.


Many shops have a minimum charge of 40 to 50 dollars even if all you get is a tiny dot.


Remember that it takes a great deal of skill to be a tattoo artist. Be respectful if negotiating.

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