How to Polish & Clean a Car Dashboard

Things You'll Need

  • 3 small soft cotton towels
  • Bucket
  • Windex
  • Turtle Wax

To polish & clean a car dashboard is a fairly simple task. A car dashboard can make the inside look sparkling clean even if other aspects are dirty. If you desire to clean your car from top to bottom, the dashboard is the perfect place to start. In a few simple steps, you will learn how to polish & clean a car dashboard.

Clean off your car's dashboard. Remove any trinkets, figures or decorative items. Place them aside.

Rub your dashboard with the first small soft cloth towel. You will want to get rid of any debris, dust or dirt that can be easily removed.

Spray the Windex or equivalent in a generous amount over the dashboard. Windex will be used for the sake of this article. However, any non-abrasive cleaner should work in the same manner. You do not want to use a harsh abrasive, as these can cause scratches to the dash board. Be sure to reach every area in the back as well as the front.

Dip the corner of the second small cloth towel in your bucket of water. You will use this towel to clean the dashboard and wipe it off as well. With the damp end of the towel, rub the Windex in. Use a circular motion and be sure to reach every area. After the dashboard has been cleaned, use the dry part of the towel to wipe off any excess water, dirt, dust or cleaner.

Spray the Turtle Wax or equivalent in small sections to polish the dashboard. For the sake of this article, Turtle Wax will be used. This polish can be found in most hardware, department and auto stores. You can use any polish that is safe on your dashboard. Read the back of the polish before you purchase it to be sure that it is a safe alternative.

Use your third towel to rub in the section that you sprayed with Turtle Wax. Remember, you want to apply the dash board polish in small sections to gain an even shine. Rub the Turtle Wax in a circular motion until it has been deeply applied.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the dashboard is polished to a perfect shine.

Replace all of the items that you removed from step 1.