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How to Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Recorder

Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Recorder

Zelda's Lullaby is a song performed by Link, the main character in the Zelda video game franchise. In the game, the song is played on an Ocarina flute, but there is a simple way it can also be played on a recorder. A recorder is a plastic instrument that is played in the same style as a flute, and it is usually used to introduce music as part of a young child's elementary education.

Identify the seven holes in the recorder. Use your left-hand index, middle and ring fingers to cover up the top three holes. Use those same fingers on your right hand to cover up the next three holes. The bottom hole should be left uncovered.

Blow into the recorder with the six holes covered, then again as you take your right ring finger off of the second to last hole. These are the first two notes in the song.

Pull up your right index and middle fingers simultaneously as you blow into the recorder to make the next note sound.

Remove your left ring finger as you blow into the recorder to make the next note. Do not replace any of the other fingers. To this point, you will only be covering the top two holes, with the rest uncovered.

Pull up on your middle finger so that only the top hole is covered while making one sharp quick bow into the recorder.

Begin placing your fingers back on the recorder in their original positions, sounding one note for each. The sequence going back down goes: left middle finger, left ring finger, right index and middle fingers together and finally the right ring finger.

Blow into the recorder for one last slow drawn out note by covering the bottom hole with your right pinky.

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