How to Play the Keytar

Play the Keytar

How to Play the Keytar. The keytar is a musical innovation of the 1980s that blends the forms and some acoustic properties of a guitar and keyboard. Its use by '80s hair bands and innovative stars like Flock of Seagulls has associated the keytar with rock camp. Follow these steps to play this unusual instrument.

Find a keytar. While it seems that in the 1980s you couldn't throw a can of hairspray without hitting a keytar, the instrument is not so easy to come by today. Most music stores must order a keytar, so if you want a quality instrument this is the way to go. Otherwise, try the online markets like eBay.

Brush up on your guitar and keyboard skills. Because the keytar demands understanding of a keyboard's sound and controls as well as a guitar's physical form, you should practice both instruments.

Dress the part. A good chunk of the keytar's charm is its style. Find a good pair of tight leather pants, some hairspray and excessive makeup so you stay in tune with the keytar's '80s look.

Plug the instrument in. The keytar is best played on an amp. Find a good guitar amp and a place where there are relatively few people (or lots of tolerant people) to start jamming on your keytar.

Use the keytar as a rhythm instrument. Because the keytar has a limited octave range, playing rhythms is the best way to maximize its qualities.

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