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How to Play Super Mario Theme Song on Piano

Super Mario Brothers is the best selling video game franchise in history. As a result, the Super Mario Theme song is one of the most recognizable songs ever created. Since its inception this simple beat has been ingrained in American pop culture. The Super Mario Brothers theme can be transcribed and played on any number of musical instruments. However, using a piano, players can make it sound as close to the original as possible.

Learn how to read piano tabs in order to understand the simplified way in which music is written. With a piano tab, you do not need an extensive background in piano to be able to play the instrument and music like the "Mario" theme is easier to produce. A tab will simply show which note to play and in what octave that note is located. Sharp notes will be written as a capital letter. For example; 4------b----a----f---G-- would mean that you are to play the b-note, a-note, f-note, then the g-sharp note, all in the fourth octave on the piano.

Play the main Super Mario theme song using this tab:

4|e-e-e--c-e-g-------|-c---------------------e-|---g-a-f-g-e-c-d------|----------------| 3|------------------g----|---g-e-a-b-A-a-g-----|----------------------b--|----------------|

4|-g-F-f-D-e-----c--c-d-|-g-F-f-D-e-------------|-g-F-f-D-e---c---c-d-|-D--d--c-----| 3|----------------a---a-----|----------------c-c--c--|---------------a---a------|----------------|

Play the "Underworld" Mario theme song using this tab:

4|-----c-----------|-------------------------- 3|--c------a----A|---------g----e-----f---- 2|-------a----A---|-F---g----e----f----F--

4|--------------------------------------------------c------------------------------| 3|--f--e--D--d--f--e---------D--d--G--g--F------b--A--f--C--c-----------| 2|----------------------A--a---------------------------------------------b--A---|

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