How to Play Octopus Tag

How to Play Octopus Tag. If your kids are tired of playing the same old version of Tag, then they should try Octopus Tag. This modified version of the classic children's game makes it even harder for the intended prey to escape the many arms of the "Octopus." Octopus Tag is best played in a large area with distinct boundaries, such as a gymnasium, soccer field or tennis court. Read on to learn more.

Pick one person to be "It." This child, the Octopus, stands in the middle of the playing field. The person supervising the game should show all the children the boundary lines. No one is allowed to go outside the boundaries during the game; else he or she is out.

Line the other students up at one end of the playing field. They are the "Fish."

Yell, "Go!" The Fish should try to run as fast as they can to the other end of the field. The Octopus should attempt to touch them. If they are tagged, they are out, but they must sit in the spots where they were tagged. They then act as additional "arms" of the Octopus and assist him or her. They must remain seated, but they can tag any student that runs by that can be reached with their arms.

Continue playing the game until only one Fish remains. This person gets to be the Octopus the next time. The Octopus can run anywhere he or she wants to try to tag students; the only restriction is that the Octopus must initially start the game in the middle of the course.

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