How to Play Marbles for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Chalk
  • String, several feet long
  • 13 marbles

The game of marbles is a classic that's been played on playgrounds, sidewalks and in homes for decades. Kids can play for fun, where each player goes home with their own marbles, or for keeps, when the winner keeps marbles that were won.

Use the string or chalk to create a circle on a flat surface 2 to 3 feet wide.

Arrange everyone's marbles in a cross or plus design inside the circle. Everyone should use their largest marble as their shooting marble, which will be used to knock other marbles outside the circle. Pick who will go first.

Stand outside the circle, flick the largest marble into the circle and try to knock out other marbles. The object is to try to keep yours inside the circle.

Pick up any marbles successfully knocked out and go again.

Flick your shooter marble from inside the circle where it landed for the second turn. If it landed outside the circle, you once again have to flick your marble from outside the circle. This continues until you have an unsuccessful turn. If no marbles were knocked out, it immediately becomes the next player's turn.


  • The game ends when all of the marbles have been knocked outside the circle. The player with the most marbles wins.


  • Keep all marbles away from small children.