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How to Play Bella's Lullaby on the Piano

"Bella's Lullaby" is a song from the "Twilight" saga. This best-selling series of books recently has been made into a global film franchise phenomenon. In the first film this song jumps from the pages of the book and the audience is finally able to hear how Edward's lullaby to Bella is supposed to sound. It does not matter how much musical background a person has; following a few steps can allow anyone to re-create this song on the piano

Review how a piano is set up so that you will have a point of reference for the rest of the article. Do not get overwhelmed by this step. The piano may seem large and complicated, however, it is really just a continued repeat of a small group of keys known as an octave. An octave is made up of seven white keys and five black keys. The white keys are, c, d, e, f, g, a and b. After the b-note, the next white key will be a c-note again, which will begin the next octave and the notes will all repeat in the same order. The five black keys in each octave are c-sharp, d-sharp, f-sharp, g-sharp and a-sharp, which also repeat in each octave. The next black key after the a-sharp is simply the next octave's c-sharp note. Locate the very center white key on the keyboard, this is known as "Middle C." This note begins the fourth octave, so you can use this as a starting point and see how all of keys line up and where each octave starts and stops. With this information, you should know be able to name every key on the keyboard and know in which octave each key is.

Learn to read piano tabs and you will be able to start playing music on the piano immediately. A piano tab is a shorter, more concise way to read and write piano music. A piano tab does not present the timing behind the song, but simply what notes to play and in which octave to play them. Based on how you know the song is supposed to sound, it is up to you to develop the correct timing of the notes. A basic piano tab will look like this: 3l-----a--b---d--F--c. All this is telling you is that you are in the third octave, and you are to play the a-note, b-note, d-note, f-note, and c-note, in that order. Notice the capital "F" written in the tab. Whenever there is a capital letter it means you are to play the black key for that note. So in the example, the f-note is really an f-sharp. The only other thing you will need to know is that whenever there are notes written on top of each other it means you are to play them at the same time. That is all there is to know about a piano tab; from there you will have all the tools you need to re-create a song on the piano.

Follow this tab to play Bella's Lullaby:

4|---A--a--g--e--d--g------------------------c--------------------------------------------| 3|--------------------------b--a------------b-----------------------g--a--------------------| 3|-----------------------------------------------------d------c-------------------------------| 2|b----------a----------------b-------a-------------g------g---------------b------a-------| 2|e----------e----------------e-------e--------------------------------------e------e------| (repeat 2 times)

6|----------------F---------------------F-------------------------F--e--d-----c-----------------------------------------| 5|--g-a-b-----------b----g-F-e----------b-----F-g-b--------------------------b--a-------g--F--d------------------| 4l----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b----------l 3|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 2|-----------a--------g-------------b-------a---------------a-----------g----------------b-----------a----------b------| 2|-----------d--------d-------------e-------e---------------d-----------d----------------e-----------e----------e------|

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