How to Play an F on a Violin

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Beginning violin students must learn how to play all the different notes on the violin's four strings. The four strings are E, A, D and G. There are four ways to play an F note on a violin. There is an F natural and F sharp on both the D and E string. Repetition will help you become comfortable with placing your fingers in the correct spots along the violin strings.

Position your index finger a whole step from the fingerboard on the E string to play an F sharp note. A whole step is about 1 inch.

Move your index finger low, next to the fingerboard, to play an F natural on the E string. Each finger can take a low or high position, with low positions being closer to the fingerboard.

Place your middle finger low on the D string to play an F natural note. Your index and middle fingers should almost be touching each other. This finger positioning is known as a half step.

Move your middle finger to the high position on the D string to play an F sharp note. Your index and middle fingers should have an inch between them (a whole step).


  • New students may want to place colored pieces of tape on the violin to show where their fingers should be placed for different notes.


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