How to Perform Zippo Lighter Tricks

Perform Zippo Lighter Tricks

How to Perform Zippo Lighter Tricks. Zippo lighters are not only fashionable and unique, they are fun to play with. Believe it or not, some people have made a profession out of performing Zippo lighter tricks, traveling to conferences, conventions and trade shows while demonstrating their amazing skills. With a little practice, you too can amaze your friends with your Zippo lighter skills.

The Squeeze

Impress your friends by magically opening your Zippo lighter. This basic move takes very little practice, and is the best beginner trick.

Hold your Zippo as if you are going to open the lid normally. You should balance the lighter in your most comfortable hand so that the hinge side of the Zippo is resting on the palm of your hand with your thumb on the outside edge that is furthest from its hinge.

Rest your middle and index fingers on the top of the Zippo's lid. Quickly slide your fingers across the top of the lighter and down the hinge side. The lid will pop open as if by magic, making a dramatic snapping noise at the same time. You may drop the lighter a time or two while practicing, but with a little work you can master this simple trick.

The Lid Smack

Open your Zippo lighter and light the flame in one swift move, a trick often seen in Hollywood movies. This trick will take a bit more practice, but once mastered can impress your friends in seconds flat.

Hold the Zippo firmly between your forefinger and thumb on both the opening end and the hinge end of the lid.

Smack the lid quickly and forcefully against your leg or on a tabletop while flipping the lighter in the direction opposite the hinge. Centrifugal force will open the lid and the smacking motion will strike the flint. It will appear that the lighter lights magically as the Zippo smacks against the surface.

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