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How to Paint Snow Camouflage

Creating the right combination of colors and patterns is essential for effective camouflage in any terrain. In snow terrain, whites with gray and gray-blues will be utilized for blending in with snow, ice and winter landscapes.

Things You'll Need:

  • Poster Board
  • White Spray Paint
  • Gray Spray Paint
  • Gray-Blue Spray Paint

How to Paint Snow Camouflage

Create the first stencil with poster board. You will draw this design with "worm-like" shapes of different sizes. Cut out the "worms."

Create a second stencil with poster board by drawing several "sticks" and "leaf-like shapes." Don't worry about your artistic skills — rough shapes work great.

Take the object you are painting and then place the first stencil two inches over it. With white paint, spray through the stencil. Adjust the stencil's location to cover areas that have not received their first coat.

Take the stick stencil, holding it two inches above your object and spray with the gray-blue paint.

Use the worm stencil with first the blue and then the gray-blue paint.

Review the object to see that it is covered with the various colors in a random pattern.

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