How to Paint a Straight Line on Canvas Art

Painting a straight line on canvas can be done by rolling the brush in paint, laying the brush on its side and carefully drawing the brush across the canvas, or it can be done by laying down blue painter's tape and using it as a guide. Create a perfectly straight line using paint with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing and painting.

About the Author

The staff at Asel Art in Austin, Texas, has more than 90 years of combined experience creating art in a variety of mediums. Lisa Wright, David Lamplugh, Laura Pace and Tres Hoyt have studied and created art as painters, animators, draftsmen, graphic artists/novelists and illustrators. Their combined experiences and knowledge-base places Asel Art as the one-stop shop for all your art supply needs. David Lamplugh has a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Texas at Austin, with a concentration in painting. He is a sales representative for Asel Art Supply, a company he has worked for for more than 13 years. Lamplugh self-published a 210-page graphic novel "You Chose Right The First Time."