How to Meet Famous Actors

Meet Famous Actors

How to Meet Famous Actors. Famous actors are known for avoiding the public eye whenever possible. Since many of these celebrities are hounded by celebrity photographers and obsessed fans, it's understandable that they try to preserve their privacy. Despite this, actors are people who like going out and socializing with others, so if you want to meet one, you only need to know where to go.

Focus on cities where the stars hang out. Actors tend to live and work in cities like Los Angeles, New York and London where they are frequently seen shopping, dining and simply walking down the street. Try to get to one of these cities to meet a famous actor.

Find a celebrity hangout. Wherever there are celebrities, there are celebrity hangouts. Places like the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and Elaine's restaurant in New York are known as places where famous actors lounge by the pool or stop in for wine. Figure out a way to get into one of these celeb hubs to better your chances of meeting a famous actor.

Get involved with a celebrity cause. Today, many famous actors use their fame to support charitable causes. To help popularize the cause, famous actors attend events and fundraisers where, if you find a way on to the guest list, you can meet one of them.

Go to movie premieres. Even if you don't have a ticket to the premiere, you can certainly catch an actor's hand as he or she goes by on the red carpet. While it might not be the most personal experience, it is a first step to meeting a famous actor.

Get a job in the film industry. You don't need to become Steven Spielberg to interact with famous actors. Everyone from the lighting person to the guy who delivers catering for the production has an opportunity to meet famous actors. Think about your strengths and professional skills to get a job that will put you close to the celebs.

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