How to Manually Restart the BIOS on a PlayStation 3

Computer owners aren't the only ones who have to deal with console-breaking bugs anymore. If you own a PS3 that has become unstable or unable to function properly, you may have to perform a manual or "hard" reset to revert the console back to its original factory specifications. Sony's PS3 manual doesn't cover how to do this, but the process is extremely simple.

Turn the "Power" switch on the back of the PS3 to the "Off" position, and then turn it back to the "On" position.

Press down the "Power" button on the front of the PS3 and hold it.


Continue holding the power button until you hear a series of three beeps from the console.


Turn on the PS3 and select the "System" menu from the main menu. Select "Format" and choose "Full Format." This will revert your entire system, including the BIOS, back to the original factory settings.



  • Performing a manual or "hard" reset will wipe the PS3's hard drive, so make sure you back up any data you wish to save.


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