How to Make Your Own Skinny Jeans or Cigarette Pants

By Laure Justice ; Updated September 15, 2017
You can use a sewing machine that makes a zigzag or other stretch stitch to make skinny jeans or cigarette pants if you do not have access to a serger.

Skinny jeans and cigarette pants do not always fit as snug as they should when they are made from stiff woven fabric, such as standard denim. If you use stiff fabric, you have to leave enough "ease" to allow you to move and to slide the pants over your feet. You can, however, make your own skinny jeans or cigarette pants that fit tight against your legs by using stretch denim or knit fabric. Stretch fabric provides the needed "ease" without sacrificing snug, shaped leggings.

Preshrink the fabric by running it through the washing machine on the warm setting and the dryer set on medium heat.

Pin the skinny jeans or cigarette pants pattern to the stretch denim or knit fabric.

Cut out the fabric for the pants by following the pattern markings labeled for your size.

Pin the fabric skinny jeans or cigarette pants pieces together according to the pattern directions. Sew the pinned seams together on the over-lock sewing machine. Also, if the pants have a zipper and button or elastic, add those sewing notions according to the pattern directions. Remove the pins.

Try on the skinny jeans or cigarette pants and mark the desired length on both legs with a pin at each side, one in the center front, and one in the center back.

Cut the excess fabric off 1 and 1/4 inch below the marking pins. Turn the fabric under 1/2 inch, then make a second fold at 3/4 inch.

Sew around the hem using the zigzag sewing machine set to make a short, narrow zigzag stitch.

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