How to Make Windchimes From Anything

Things You'll Need

  • “S” plant hanger
  • 7-inch metal craft circle
  • Screw-eyes
  • Fishing line
  • 20-gauge craft wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Wind Chime Objects

You can make wind chimes out of anything from bamboo stalks to old utensils to stained glass. The main components of wind chimes are the header, the connectors and the chimes. "Chimes" is a relative term in reference to wind chimes as not everything that you hang will make a chiming sound. You can make decorative wind chimes for your home or garden with just about anything that can hang vertically on a string.

Select a head piece, or header, for your wind chime from any shape of pre-formed craft wire, a piece of driftwood or a metal plant hook used horizontally. You can make headers for your wind chimes from just about anything that you can hang wire or fishing line from or insert hooks into. Insert tiny screw-eyes into the bottom of a piece of wood or loop wire or monofilament line over the top of anything that is narrow like metal “S” hangers or wire shapes. Find the plant hangers, eye-hooks and fishing line and craft wire at your local discount store.

Select the objects you’d like to hang from your wind chimes. Choose anything that you can dangle on a string or twist with wire. For example, you can turn a drawer of old utensils into a folksy wind chime by drilling holes in the handles or wrapping them with decorative wire. The wire can become a hook where you can attach fishing line or more wire. You can make an artistic and colorful wind chime with small pieces of stained glass combined with crystal prisms for added flash and a little jingle. Wrap the glass in wire and hang it with line or wire. Hang crystals or other beads with 24-gauge wire or fishing line. Look for objects that will catch the light or make a nice sound as they meet.

Hang anything you like from strands of fishing line or strips of 20-gauge craft wire. Determine which you should use based on the items you are hanging and on how much you want them to move. Fishing line will hang anything you can drill a hole into or wrap wire around with more movement than the 20-gauge wire. The wire is better for heavier objects and also provides a decorative touch to your wind chimes. Insert screw-eyes into anything wood and hang the wire or line from the hook.

Attach a hook to the top of the header so you can hang your wind chimes while you make them and also so they can hang from a chain or hook in your garden. Assemble your wind chimes by securing your objects to the hanging line or wire. Cut the hangers the same length or stagger them if you’re hanging both large and small pieces. After attaching the object to the hanger, secure the wire or hanging line to the head piece.


  • Wrap wire around colorful glass bottles for a wind chime.


  • Cut the wire longer than you think you’ll need, especially when you plan to wrap with it.