How to Make Wall Decorations Out of CD Covers

By Contributing Writer ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • CD covers
  • Picture frame
  • Cardboard insert
  • Glue
  • Small paint brush
  • Damp cloth
  • Water-based polycrylic

Over the years your music choices may have changed drastically, and you can tell by the huge stack of CDs collecting dust on your shelves. Even if all of your music is stored on your computer, it is hard to get rid of your old CDs because they still mean a lot to you. So why not display them in a fun and inexpensive way?

Gather and look through your collection of CDs. Group the covers that have a common theme. Group them by genre (all classical CD covers), color (all red covers) object (covers with a guitar). Or it can be completely random. Hunt through second-hand stores and garage sales for cheap CDs that have interesting covers. Consider how big you want this collage to be and look through antique stores for inexpensive frames. Cut out your own cardboard backing if it is missing.

Cut the first page of the album covers (the page with the picture on it) and throw away the rest of the album booklet. Lay out a plan for your CD cover collage and take a picture of it for future reference while you glue. To thin your glue, add it with a little bit of warm water and carefully blend together.

Apply the glue to the cardboard backing with the paint brush where you want to put the first cover. Pat out air bubbles and streak spots with a lightly dampened washcloth (it should barely be wet) as you glue. Layer your CD covers as much as you want and try to fill in blank gaps. Add the actual CDs to the collage for an interesting effect.

Let the collage dry before applying the first coat of water-based polycrylic. This will protect your project from dirt while adding a finishing sheen; provides professional advice on how to use polycrylic. Wait a few minutes for the first coat to dry before adding a second coat. Attach it your frame and proudly display your art work.


Convert your old plastic CD covers into picture frames. Simply glue pictures to the inside of the cover and prop it up. Add lace, sequins, leaves or other decorations for a personalized touch.


Older CD covers can be damaged if they are not handled gently. Avoid using your rare CD covers until you get more comfortable with this project.