How to Make Tulle Rosettes

You can make a lot of rosettes with a few yards of tulle.
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Tulle rosettes are often used to adorn wedding gowns or tablecloths for a celebratory event. They also can be attached to a barrette as a beautiful, hair accessory. Although you can buy premade tulle rosettes, they are often costly and generic-looking. One solution is to make tulle rosettes, which can decrease the cost of your event, and will enable the tulle rosettes to have a natural, artistic quality that is difficult to replicate in a commercially produced rosette.

Things You'll Need

  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Tulle
  • Thread

Cut out a strip of tulle measuring 4 inches high by 16 inches long.

Fold the tulle strip in half horizontally, pinning along the edge as you go.

Sew along the pinned edge. Remove the pins. This will make a tulle tube.

Turn the tulle tube inside out to conceal the sewn edge.

Sew along the sewn edge again using a wide, basting stitch.

Pull the thread slightly so the edge gathers together.

Knot the thread to the tulle to secure the gathered edge.

Curl up the gathered tulle tube, starting at one end and working toward the other end. Curl tightly at first, making the curl more loose as you go.

Sew the end of the curled rosette onto itself to secure it in place.