How to Make Throw Blankets

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Things You'll Need

  • Fleece, 2 yards in one color and 2 yards in a different color
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Tape measure

Throw blankets are blankets smaller in size than a bed-sized blanket. A throw blanket is generally large enough to cover a body while sitting or lounging. Throw blankets are frequently used on couches or chairs to add style and warmth. Blankets may be made from many different fabrics, or they can be created by crocheting or knitting yarn to create a blanket. A fleece throw blanket is inexpensive, quick to make and requires no sewing skills.

Purchase fleece from a fabric store. You will need two separate pieces, each measuring 2 yards. One piece will be the front of the blanket, and the other will be the back. You may choose the same colors, complementary colors or patterns.

Cut any ragged or unfinished edges from the fleece using scissors or a rotary cutter. Make the fleece as even as possible.

Lay the fleece on a large, flat surface, with one panel on top of the other. Arrange the panels so if there is a pattern, it is facing out. Square the panels so they rest evenly.

Measure a 4-inch square at one of the corners, and cut it out. Cut through both layers of fleece. Repeat cutting the 4-inch square from the remaining three corners.

Create the fringe by cutting 4 inches deep from the edge, at 1-inch widths around the edge of the fleece. Cut through both layers of the fleece. The final result will be 1-inch-wide pieces of fringe around the entire edge.

Secure the fringe by taking the top and bottom fringe piece from the fleece and tying them together at the base in a double knot. Continue to knot the fringe around the entire edge until the entire blanket has been knotted and secured.


  • You may vary the width and depth of the fringe by using different measurements, for example by cutting 5 inches into the fleece at 2-inch widths.