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How to Make Tables Made from Car Rims

Car rims can be used to make unique tables.
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Creating a table made from car rims seems like a very simple task: stack two rims at four equal corners, set a piece of plywood on top of them and call the unit a table. It would not only be ugly, but unstable. This is not the kind of rustic table most people would want in their homes. A table can be made with car rims so that it doesn’t look like it belongs in a tool shed or a junkyard. Choosing sporty rims and custom glass is essential to give the unit more style and class.

Things You'll Need:

  • Rags
  • Industrial-Strength Epoxy Glue
  • Sports Or Luxury Car Rims
  • Wheel Polish
  • Felt Pads
  • Marker
  • Car Wax
  • Custom Cut Piece Of Glass
  • Assistant
  • Gloves

Clean the rims. Use a garden hose to loosen any built-up dirt, especially if the dirt is caked on. Wash the surface of the rims using a rag and some warm, soapy water. Dry the rims with a clean rag.

Polish the rims with a good quality wheel or rim polish, following the directions on the label. Add a finish coat of car wax and polish it away.

Lay four rims on the floor to form the shape of your table. Temporarily -- and carefully -- lay the piece of glass onto the rims with the assistance of a friend. Mark on the glass with a marker where the glass will ultimately rest to make it easier when placing the glass on the finished corners.

Put a thick bead of industrial-strength epoxy glue around the entire top edge of one of the rims. Carefully stack another rim on top of this rim. Press down to form a tight bond. Quickly wipe away any excess glue. Repeat this step for the three remaining corners of the table.

Glue four small pieces of felt an equal distance from one another to the top edge of one of the stacked rims. Repeat this step for the three remaining corners of the table.

Place a small bead of epoxy glue on each piece of felt. Work quickly before the glue sets.

Place the glass carefully on top of the rims with the assistance of a friend. Use the marks you made on the glass to guide you where the glass should be placed. Press down firmly on all four corners.


Determine how big of a table you want to make. A side table will require less rims and less glass than a coffee table.

Sports or luxury car rims will make your project stand out. If you don’t have sports car rims, you can search for them on the internet or in car junk yards, with the owner’s permission.

Order the custom glass only after you have acquired the rims for your side table or coffee table. Custom glass can be ordered with beveled edges, engraved designs or different colors to make your project special.


  • Be careful handling the glass. A chip or a crack can ruin your project.
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