How to Make Sunglasses

Things You'll Need

  • Pair of glasses
  • Sheet of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Sheet of black acetate
  • Paint
  • Craft scissors
  • Gorilla glue

How to Make Sunglasses. Maybe you can't afford a pair of sunglasses or just haven't found a pair you like. Perhaps you want to work on a craft with your kids or you are just one of those craftsy types and simply want to make a pair of your own. Whatever your reasons, you can easily make a pair of sunglasses for yourself. Read on to learn how to do this.

Use a pair of glasses as a template to create a stencil. Hold them against the sheet of cardboard and trace the outline using a pencil. Turn the glasses on their side to trace out the stem on each side. Draw in the inner rims for each eye.

Cut out the stencil with a pair of craft scissors. Make sure you cut out the eye holes. Bend the stem on each side of the stencil. You now have the frame for your sunglasses.

Trace the outline of the eye holes onto a sheet of acetate, using the eye holes in the cardboard frames as a template. Cut out the eye hole shapes, leaving a 1/4-inch allowance along the edges. These will be your lenses.

Paint the cardboard frames black and set them down to dry. Apply gorilla glue to the edge of each acetate cut out, and glue one to the inner side of each eye hole. Let the glue dry.

Wipe any fingerprints off the acetate and wear your new sunglasses.

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