How to Make Stuffed Felt Horses

Things You'll Need

  • Felt
  • Yarn
  • Quilt batting
  • Black marker
  • Blunt needle
  • Scissors

Most children love horses, and some never outgrow the attachment. When you make your own horse from felt, you can customize it to any color and design your child wants. Felt is inexpensive, easy to work with, and available in all craft stores. Stuffing and sewing felt is an ideal project for beginners who are learning to sew. For a quaint touch, you can sew your horse with yarn instead of thread. When you're done, your child will have a cuddly stuffed animal made right at home with love.

Enlarge the template included here on a copy machine or scanner. Cut out the new template. Make sure the legs are thick enough to stuff and then sew around them.

Using a marker, trace the horse template onto two equal-sized pieces of felt. One will form the front of the horse, the other the back.

Take a long piece of yarn in a contrasting color from the horse. (For example, if the horse is light brown, use dark brown yarn.) You want the stitches to show, so you'll stitch this horse with right sides showing. Secure the knot between the two layers where it won't be visible. Starting under the chin, stitch around the edges of the horse, including lining up the ears, up to the top of the front leg. Leave the chest open for stuffing.

Stuff the inside of the horse through the chest with quilt batting. Since the legs are narrow, push stuffing into them using the eraser end of a long pencil until they're filled but not bursting. After you have stuffed the horse, finish sewing up the chest. Tie the knot on the back side of the horse.

Thread the yarn through the needle again. Sew long loops to the top of the tail, back of the neck, and between the ears where the tail, mane, and forelock go. When you've finished, cut the loops so they hang straight. Brush the yarn with an old brush to make it fluffy, or leave it long for a folk art look.

Add eyes on either side of the head with indelible marker that won't smudge on felt. If you prefer, you can make the eye from black felt, or use wiggly eyes from the craft store. To make the underneath legs appear to be on the other of the horse's body, stitch a continuous line over the front legs.


  • Decorate the completed horse with ribbons or other accessories your child might want. If you make the horse large enough, it can serve as a pillow for your child.