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How to Make Plastic Canvas Crafts for Extra Money

With so many yarn choices, plastic canvas possibilities are endless.
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Creating and selling crafts is a way to generate extra household income, and have fun doing it. Plastic canvas craft is versatile, producing items that are both decorative and useful and can be made from a few inexpensive materials. This type of craft is fairly portable, requiring only a large bag to transport your plastic canvas studio if you wish to work while at an art fair or bazaar. Potential customers often like to watch the artist at work. There are several outlets to use when you are ready to begin selling your hand-crafted items.

Things You'll Need:

  • Plastic Canvas Supplies
  • Accounting Log Or Software
  • Account For Online Sales (Optional)
  • Plastic Canvas Patterns

Choose patterns for items that are both functional and decorative to maximize sales. These may include tote bags), place mats, boxes, desk accessories, Christmas tree ornaments and other holiday decorations. Visit several craft outlets, art fairs and bazaars to see what types of items are selling.

Develop or obtain plastic canvas patterns. Avoid copyrighted patterns or those with trademarked graphics due to copyright infringement laws.

Gather your supplies and make your plastic canvas crafts. Purchase tools and supplies as necessary, such as plastic canvas, yarn, plastic needles, embellishments, scissors, glue and a glue gun.

Determine a price for your crafts. A good rule of thumb to follow when pricing is to add up the cost of materials, labor and overhead costs (such as gas used to shop for items), then multiply that total by two to get a retail price. Create price tags and attach them to your crafts. Include your name and contact information in case a customer wants to order additional items from you.

Identify craft outlets. Check local Chambers of Commerce to find out if they have contact lists for annual craft bazaars in your area. Several churches host annual craft bazaars, especially during the holidays. Make a list of possible bazaars you wish to participate in. Call the bazaar chairperson to find out participation costs and to obtain any application documents necessary. Apply well in advance, as table space often goes quickly.

Purchase portable table and chairs. Some bazaars and craft shows provide these, but others do not. Set up a decorative display well in advance. Have a cash box, change, paper and pencil available. Print business cards with your contact information to hand out to potential customers. Purchase an inexpensive guest book for customers to sign and give contact information so you can stay in touch with your customers.

Set up accounts on Internet sites such as Etsy, a crafting site, or eBay if you wish to sell your plastic canvas items online. Follow all account directions accurately and make note of any fees charged. Set up an account that allows you to receive and make payments via the Internet. At the end of each month, print a record of your sales from the site to keep for your records, or transfer the information to your accounting software.

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