How to Make Pikachu in "Minecraft"

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Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Markers or crayons (optional)

"Minecraft" is a computer construction game that allows the players to build anything they can think of and execute. The only catch is that everything -- your character, the animals, the tools, the land and water -- is pixilated, the blocks being 16 by 16 pixels. Building a Pikachu -- a yellow rodent-like creature from Pokemon -- can be done using many different methods, the most common being a two-dimensional structure made to look three dimensional. It takes planning and precision to create the structure with wool and other materials.


Draw or find a picture of Pikachu that you want to use as your design. Use graph paper to draw Pikachu pixilated, with each square of the graph paper representing a block in the game. It will have to be large enough to add details to the eyes and body.

Color-code the design with yellow for the body, red for the cheeks, white for the eyes, brown for the stripes (if incorporating Pikachu’s back) and black for the eyes, ears, outline and other details. Count how many blocks you will need for your statue.

Collect the materials. “Punch” a sheep by swinging your arm to get blocks of wool. Continue doing this until you have enough wool for your project.

Making Dye/Dyeing the Wool

Make yellow dye. Collect dandelions, which are found on the ground throughout the world. Place them in the crafting table and collect the output; each flower makes two dyes.

Collect roses, which are a little more rare than dandelions but can be found around the world. To make red dye, place the rose into the crafting table and collect the output.

Kill skeletons at night or explore at first light and collect bones for bone meal that makes white dye. Place the bone in the crafting table to make bone meal; each bone makes three bone meal powders.

Collect black wool either from black sheep or by dyeing the wool with ink sacs. Kill or punch a squid at the bottom of the ocean to get ink sacs. The ink sacs are already in dye form.

Put wool and a color of dye into the crafting table to make your colored wool. Dye multiple blocks of wool at a time by putting stacks of 64 or less of a certain color dye and wool into the crafting table box; right-click on the output until all the materials have been turned into dyed wool.


Find a location for your statue. Chop down trees or demolish mountains with TNT if needed. Build Pikachu in the ocean by laying a base of blocks down directly under the water. The blocks will sink into the water if there is no solid foundation.

Start at the bottom and work your way up while building. Use the black for the outline of Pikachu’s body, as well as his arms and legs. Use white for details and the glimmer in his eye.

Step back to look at the progress every few layers; it will be so big that you will not be able to see it well from where you are building. Destroy misplaced blocks by punching them.


  • Using obsidian, brick, dirt and stone are alternative bricks for black, red, brown and white wool, respectively.