How to Make Patterns for Scrub Suits

Things You'll Need

  • Old scrubs
  • Pattern tracing paper
  • Seam ripper
  • Marker
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors

When it comes to choosing a scrub suit, your choices can sometimes be limited to the selections that are sold in stores. However, by learning to make your own scrub patterns you can open up new possibilities. By having a pattern, you can choose from a variety of fabrics to create an original scrub suit that no one else has.

In order to make the scrub pattern, you will need a pair of old scrubs, which can be purchased from your local thrift store for a couple of dollars.

Purchase a pair of old scrubs that are the size that you would like to create a pattern for. For example, if you want your pattern to be for size 6 scrubs, but also want to make size 10 scrubs, you should purchase size 6 and size 10 scrubs from the store.

Purchase a roll of pattern tracing paper and a seam ripper from your local fabric store. You can also purchase pattern tracing paper from websites such as NancysNotions.Com and ParagonPatterns.Com.

Turn the bottoms for your scrub suit inside out to reveal the seaming. Use the seam ripper to rip through the seams. After the seams have been removed from the bottoms of the scrubs, you will have two separate parts, the front of the bottoms and the back of the bottoms. Mark an "F" on the front part and a "B" on the back, so the parts will be distinguishable later on.

Turn the shirt for your scrub suit instead out to reveal the seaming. Repeat the steps that are listed in step 3 to removing the seams. Be sure to mark the front part and the back part of the shirt after the parts have been separated.

Roll your pattern tracing paper out on a flat working surface. Lay the front part of your bottoms on top of the tracing paper. Use straight pins to secure the bottoms to the paper.

Cut with precision around your bottoms while they are pinned to the tracing paper. After you have finished cutting around the bottoms, you can remove the fabric from the tracing paper to reveal your pattern. Mark the pattern that you have just made with an "F" indicating "Front." Repeat this step for the "Back" half of your bottoms.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the for the "Front" and "Back" parts of your shirt.

Store your patterns in a safe place so that it will not become wet or damaged. If you take proper care of your pattern, it will last you for a long time.