How to Make Paper Flowers With Kids

Making flowers out of tissue paper is a quick arts and crafts activity to make with kids. The flowers are made with colorful tissue paper and pipe cleaners. This activity is fit for younger kids and older kids. To make this art activity more interesting, have older kids make a bouquet of flowers. These tissue paper flowers are also a great gift for those who are allergic to real flowers. Just lightly spray a nice soft scent on the flowers for them.

Cut tissue paper into 5- by 7-inch rectangles. Since tissue paper is very thin, stack around 15 different colors of tissue paper. You can use some of the same colors if you wish.

Fold the tissue papers together accordion-style on the longer side of the tissue paper. Wrap the green pipe cleaner around the middle of the tissue paper for the stem.

Trim the ends of the tissue paper to a pointy triangular style on each side to make petals. Or, make half circles to create smooth petals like rose petals.

Separate each layer of tissue paper to make the flower's petals look full. Gently pull the tissue paper upward in the middle. Cut a few 4-inch pieces of green pipe cleaners. Twist both ends of each pipe cleaner on the stem of the flower to make leaves.

Make more flowers of different colors and patterns to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a gift or decoration.

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