How to Make Paper Dog Houses

doggy toy image by Oleg Ivanov from

Things You'll Need

  • 9x12-inch construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Making a paper dog house for your child's toy dog is a great way to add to her imaginative play. The dog house can be any size, color or pattern. Use items found around the house to make the dog house even fancier. The next time it is cold or rainy outside, spend a few minutes helping your child prepare for a day of inside fun by building a paper dog house.

Cut a piece of construction paper 4 inches wide by 12 inches long.

Use a ruler to mark the paper at 3 inches, 6 inches and 9 inches. Fold the paper at these marks. This will make the sides, floor and roof of your dog house.

Shape the paper into the sides and roof of a dog house. Lay this shape on its edge on your construction paper.

Trace the shape onto the construction paper. Cut the shape, adding a 1/2-inch margin to the outside of the pencil marks. This will be the front of the dog house.

Trace a second piece for the back of the house, using the front as a stencil.

Cut a door opening on the piece of construction paper that is the front of your dog house.

Fold the front and back pieces along the pencil line. Glue these edges and secure them to the sides/floor/roof piece.

Cut a small rectangle out of the construction paper (approximately 2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide). Use it to make a name plate for your dog that will hang above the door of the dog house. Glue it onto the front of the dog house.


  • Make sure children are supervised when using scissors.