How to Make Palm Trees Out of Carpet Roll & Tissue Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Carpet roll
  • Green and tan tissue paper
  • Three brown balloons
  • Stapler
  • Large flower pot and filler

For your next tropical-themed party, make sure to have a few palm trees to set the mood. With the help of tissue paper and carpet rolls, you can quickly set the mood with these iconic trees of paradise. Inflatable palms available at party stores are easy to pop and have a tendency to blow away outdoors, but carpet roll palm trees are very sturdy if placed in a large flower pot or bucket.

Fold two sheets of the tan tissue paper lengthwise until the paper is 6 inches across. Beginning at the base of the carpet roll, staple one end of the tissue paper to the roll. Scrunching the paper as you go, wrap it around the roll, gathering the paper and stapling it to the roll every 2 to 3 inches.

When you reach the end of the tissue paper, fold another two sheets and overlap it 2 inches over the end of the the previous sheet, stapling it in place. Continue wrapping and stapling until the carpet roll is covered.

Fold three sheets of the green tissue paper into thirds lengthwise. Twist one end of the folded paper tightly and staple. Staple the untwisted end to the top of the carpet roll. Do this until you have surrounded the top of the roll with palm tree fronds.

Blow up the balloons and carefully staple the ends under the fronds, being careful not to pop the balloons. These are the coconuts.

Place the palm tree into your flower pot and fill it with rocks or sand. An inexpensive option is to fill the flower pot with empty bottles and cover the top of the pot with tissue paper to hide them.


  • Make tabletop palm trees using paper towel and toilet paper rolls.


  • Do not allow children to climb on the trees.