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How to Make Paint in "Alxemy"

"Alxemy" is a puzzle game that challenges players to combine elements to create new elements. For instance, by combining Earth with Fire, the player gets Stone. One of the more unusual elements is Paint, which the player gets not by combining other elements but by advertising "Alxemy" on Facebook. Players can then use the paint to create several new elements for their world. Examples include the Penguin, which results from combining Paint with Birds, and the Orca, which results from combining Paint with the Whale.

Push the black arrow in the top-left corner of the screen to enter your lab.

Click on the note beneath the test tube. This opens the menu screen.


Select the Facebook link. You'll be asked if you want to advertise "Alxemy" on Facebook.


Select "Share Link." Return to "Alxemy" and you'll see a bucket of paint on your lab's bookshelf.

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