How to Make Native Beaded Key Chains

native american image by Joy Fera from

Things You'll Need

  • Hemp
  • Beads
  • Key ring
  • Scissors

You can easily craft beautiful and vibrant key chains with native-American flair. Hemp and beads date back centuries in ancient native-American culture. Using these materials increases the authenticity of the piece. Specifically, beads shaped from stone or bones are common in native-American tradition and are often used on clothing, head dresses or jewelry. Beads and jewelry pieces can also tell a story. Stringing together beads or ornaments made of shells, horns or animal teeth, for example, demonstrates a successful hunt.

Loop a 4- or 5-inch piece of hemp one time over an empty key ring. Tie a knot in the hemp close to the ring and leave the two ends hanging loose.

String native-American beads onto the loose hemp that is hanging from the ring. Beads should be prefabricated with holes to allow for threading. Mixing and matching colors and differently shaped beads can boost the brightness and beauty of the key chain. Northwest native Americans, for example, commonly used beads with floral patterns, while Southwest tribes favored turquoise colors. Leave at least 1/2 inch of exposed hemp at the bottom.

Tie the two pieces of exposed hemp together. Pull the knot snug. Trim excess hemp with scissors.