How to Make Men's Pants Pockets

Things You'll Need

  • Pants pattern
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Ironing board
  • Iron

How to Make Men's Pants Pockets. Men's pants traditionally have two front pockets. Because the pockets get a lot of wear and tear, it's sometimes necessary to redo the front pockets. Or, if you're making a pair of men's pants, these same directions apply. Be sure to follow any directions that come with the pattern if you're making a new pair of pants.

Use the pattern pieces to cut out the pockets. Or, if you're repairing an old pair of men's pants, cut out fabric that closely matches the old pants using the old pants as your guide. You may be able to salvage the fabric facing from the old pants and just add new pocket material to it.

Remove the stitching that connects the old pants from the side seam and waistband. Be careful not to cut into the seams or waistband because you need to re-stitch these later.

Sew the fabric facing, the small piece that shows, to the back pants pocket. Press the seam down. Do this for both pockets. Remember to sew the right sides together.

Pin the pants front pocket to the pants front. Pin with the wrong sides together. Stitch. Trim close to the edges. Fold pants so the pocket is on the inside. Press. Topstitch in place, if the pattern calls for it.

Place the pocket back so that it is in the proper position to the pants front. Pin in place. Stitch. For reinforcement, stitch again. The pants front should now be complete.

Continue making the pants according to the pattern. Or, if you are repairing an old pair of pants, sew the side seams back together. Reattach the waistband.

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