How to Make Loose Natural Stone Necklaces

Things You'll Need

  • Beading wire
  • Wire nippers
  • Jewelry clasp
  • Crimping pliers
  • Gemstones

Loose natural stone necklaces are made from loose natural gemstones. Loose gemstones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, garnets and amethysts. These types of necklaces are popular in jewelry making.

How to Make Loose Natural Stone Necklaces

Measure a length of beading wire around your neck, measuring it long enough to hang on your chest or between your collarbones. Add an extra inch to this measurement to allow for the jewelry clasp. Use the wire nippers to cut the beading wire to the correct length.

String the ring of the jewelry clasp onto the beading wire, bend the wire and crimp it to the ring with the crimping pliers.

Thread the gemstones onto the beading wire until the wire is completely covered with gemstones or beaded with as many stones as you'd like.

Place the clasp part of the jewelry clasp onto the end of the wire, bend the wire and crimp it to the clasp with the crimping pliers.

Cut off any excess wire, and clasp the necklace around your neck.


  • Incorporate charms and bead separators into your necklace to create a personalized design.


  • Make sure you securely crimp the wire to the jewelry clasp pieces to ensure the necklace holds together.

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