How to Make Knitted Converse Baby Booties

Things You'll Need

  • Fingering weight yarn in the color or colors of your choosing
  • Fingering weight white yarn
  • Double-pointed knitting needles in size to get desired gauge, size 0, 1 or 2
  • Yarn needle
  • Crochet hook, small

Make the most of a basic baby bootie pattern by turning it into knitted Converse baby booties. The changes are cosmetic, making this a project that can be done by both beginning and advanced knitters. In a neutral color, these will be cute on a boy or girl or you can opt for pink or lavender for a girl and red or blue for a boy. A few key elements will make these booties look like knitted Converse booties and not just another hand-knit baby bootie.

How to Make Knitted Converse Baby Booties

Cast on 10 stitches in fingering weight yarn for a newborn-size baby bootie. For an infant-sized bootie, use a sport or double knit (dk) weight. Knit 36 rows.

Pick up 18 stitches along each long side of the sole of your knit Converse baby bootie. Pick 10 stitches up on the cast-on edge. Purl 6 rows in white, and then knit 2 rows in the color of your choosing. Purl an additional 4 rows in white.

Switch to your contrast color. Begin working on one 10-stitch end. Knit or purl across the row, slipping the last stitch on the needle to the 18-stitch needle next to it. Knit or purl this stitch together with the first stitch on the needle. Continue in this pattern for 16 rows.

Knit around the ankle (40 stitches) for 10 rounds. Knit 5 rounds of ribbing and bind off loosely to finish your knit baby bootie or knit 10 rounds of ribbing to create a folded over hi-top Converse baby bootie look.

Thread a yarn needle with white yarn. Using duplicate stitch, create the characteristic white rubber toe on your knitted Converse baby booties (see link in Resources). Use duplicate stitch to work over the first 4 to 6 rows of your baby bootie toe. Crochet a simple chain and thread it through the bootie, lacing it up like a high topped Converse sneaker and tying it into a bow.


  • Adapt an adult slipper pattern using color and duplicate stitch to make adult size Converse booties.

    Tuck a few pairs of knitted Converse baby booties away for last-minute baby gifts.


  • Adjust your needle size if you increase the gauge of your yarn.