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How to Make Ink Stamps

Handmade ink stamps are the perfect tools for expressing your artistic talent and creativity on handcrafted letters, wrapping paper, greeting cards and envelopes. With the proper tools and a creative mind, you can make unique ink stamps that will leave your mark on anything you create.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Transparent Tape
  • Stamp Image
  • Linoleum Cutter
  • Roller
  • Linoleum Block
  • Pencil
  • Stamp Ink

Print out or draw your stamp image onto a sheet of white computer printer paper. Make sure that the image you select is not too detailed, because fine details will be incredibly difficult to carve out of the linoleum block and can actually make your image less identifiable to the viewer.

Turn the sheet of paper over and use the pencil to shade the backside of the image pressing down firmly to achieve a dark shading. Hold the paper up to a light to check that the entire image has been shaded on the reverse side of the paper.

Cut out around the image then tape it right side up onto the linoleum block.

Use your pencil to draw over all of the lines and black areas of your black and white image. Press down firmly as you go along to transfer the image onto your linoleum block. Remove the paper and check your image.

Use different sized cutter blades to slowly carve around the image on the linoleum block. Make sure you leave only what has been transferred in pencil, cutting away the rest of the linoleum.

Brush off any dust or small linoleum pieces left behind from when you carved out your image.

Use the roller to carefully roll the stamp ink onto the stamp you just created then press it on envelopes, stationary, greeting cards or other paper projects.

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