How to Make Homemade Instruments

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Things You'll Need

  • Empty coffee container with lid
  • 2 Paper or foam cups
  • Beans
  • Masking tape
  • Shoe box
  • Several large rubber bands
  • Ruler or yard stick
  • Decorating and craft supplies (like construction paper, markers, etc.)
  • Glue

Children love music. They also love to be creative and make things. Making your own instruments is a simple project to do with children. This project is perfect for a rainy day. These simple instruments can be made with things you already have lying around at home. No purchasing of any supplies is necessary. Once the instruments have been made, they can be decorated any way your child desires using a variety of crafting supplies. There is no limit to the possibilities. After the instruments are finished, the children can use their imaginations to have a parade or form a band. The instruments included here include a drum, maracas and a guitar. Many other instruments can also be constructed with household items.

Coffee Can Drum

Obtain an empty coffee can with a lid. The coffee container can be any size and made from any material.

Use decorative or construction paper to cover the outside of the coffee container. Cut the paper to the size of the container and glue. Allow to dry.

Decorate the coffee container any way you desire. You may design the coffee-can drum with a variety of different craft supplies or markers.

Apply a bead of glue around the rim of the container and put the lid on. This will keep the lid on.

Paper Cup Maracas

Get two paper or foam cups to make the maracas.

Decorate the cups with construction paper or other craft supplies.

Add a handful of uncooked beans into one of the cups. You may also use other materials to fill your maracas, such as old bolts, nuts, or anything else you desire that will make noise.

Place the empty cup on top of the cup with the beans, rim to rim.

Use the masking tape to attach the two cups together at the top. Shake and enjoy. Maracas can also be made using old plastic soda bottles filled with beans or any other material that will produce a sound.

Shoe Box Guitar

Find an old shoe box to make the body of the guitar.

Use construction paper or other crafting supplies to decorate the box as desired.

Place the rubberbands around the box from end to end. These will act as the strings of the guitar. You may use as many rubberbands as you like to make the strings.

Use glue to attach the ruler or yard stick to the center of one end of the shoe box. This acts as the neck of the guitar. Allow the glue to dry.


  • The materials listed here may be substituted for others. Be creative. Use whatever you have lying around the house.