How to Make Garlands

By Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

How to Make Garlands. You can thread almost anything together to make a garland; from paper cutouts to flowers and even leaves or herbs. As long as you have a needle and thread and something to stick the needle through, you can make a garland. The following steps will show you how to make a floral garland that can be worn as a crown of carnations on your head.

Select 4 dozen healthy-looking carnations in whatever colors you choose for your floral garland. Cut the carnation heads off at the base of the stem.

Measure the length of thread that you will need for the garland. Double the size of thread and add ten inches to it to allow for knotting the thread.

Thread your needle. Bring both ends of the thread down until both sides are even and tie the ends of thread together in a knot.

Insert the needle through the stem of the carnation and up through the middle of the flower head. Do this over and over for half of your flowers (2 dozen).

Turn the rest of the flowers the other way and thread them from the center of the flower head and down into the stem. Pull the needle out of the stem. Do this with all of your remaining flowers.

Compress the flowers together. Tie the ends of the loose thread together to form a circle of flowers. Tie it into at least four knots to make sure that it is secure.

Tie ribbons to one side of the garland so that it hangs off the back when worn. Cut the ribbon ends at an angle.


Use other flowers to make this floral garland. Use marigolds (two at a time) and roses to mix into the carnations. When using several kinds of flowers and leaves, lay the mixture out the way you want it to look before beginning to thread. Make Christmas garlands to hang on your mantle or railing with artificial leaves or evergreen or pine tree branches. Make garlands to hang on your Christmas tree with beads, raffia, paper chains, or popcorn.


Use a thimble to protect your fingers.