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How to Make Fruit Rot Faster in "Viva Pinata"

Pinatas love to snack on juicy fruit in "Viva Pinata." Most Pinatas prefer fresh fruit, but others, like the Rashberry, enjoy the taste of rotting fruit. Fruit grows on trees and bushes that you plant in your garden. When fruit falls off a bush or tree, it stays fresh for several in-game days, and then it starts to rot. If you want to speed up this slow process, you only need to tap the fruit with your shovel.

Grow any fruit tree or bush, like banana or blackberry, in your garden. Water the plant and wait a few in-game days for it to mature. Fruit starts to appear.

Look at the ground around the bush or tree. When fruits ripen and mature, they fall off the plant to the ground below. If a fruit is ripe on the plant and you do not want to wait for it to fall, strike the plant once with the shovel to knock it down.

Press "Up" to take out the shovel. Select a fruit on the ground. A list of options appears; select "Tap Object." The fruit instantly rots.


To breed Rashberries, feed them one rotten gooseberry, one rotten hazelnut and one rotten chili.

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