How to Make Easy Decorative Wooden Blocks With Decoupage

You can use wooden blocks as the base for a decorative decoupage project.
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Wooden blocks are a simple, yet often favorite toy among children. However, once your children grow out of these toys, you can use them as the basis for a decoupage craft project for your home. Making these decorations yourself allows you the opportunity to personalize them as well as match them to your existing home decor. These decorative blocks can be used on book shelves, a desk or any other location to add color to a room.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Wood Paint
  • Photograph, Picture Or Computer Image
  • Wooden Block
  • Decoupage Glue

Choose a wooden block for your project. You may use an old child's toy or purchase one from a craft store. The use for your block should dictate the size you choose. For example, if you plan to place the block on a desk, you might choose a larger one so it can double as a paperweight. If you are placing the block on a counter, you might choose to use small blocks grouped together.

Paint all sides of the block, except for the bottom, using paint suitable for wood. Choose a color that coordinates with your existing decor. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Choose the image you wish to decoupage on your wooden block. You might use a favorite photograph or picture from a magazine. If you do not find something you like, print off an image from your computer.

Cut the image so it fits on the block. It is okay if the image spills over onto various sides of the blocks. This makes the block more visually interesting.

Cover the block in decoupage glue and adhere the image to the painted block. Press firmly on the image to avoid any bubbles once the glue dries.

Coat the image with at least one to two more layers of glue to seal it on the block. Be sure to put extra glue around the edges to prevent the image from curling.

Add any additional decorations to the decoupaged block once the glue is dry. You might add rhinestones around its borders or any other embellishment that compliments your room's decor.


  • Use decorative paper and cover the entire block using this technique as an alternative to decoupaging a specific image on the box.


  • Allow your block to dry completely after placing the final sealing coats on the block. The glue will become less sticky as it dries, and therefore will not harm any surface.