How to Make Designer Clothes

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Things You'll Need

  • Sketch pad
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing kit
  • Sewing machine
  • Clothing tags

So you want to learn how to make designer clothes? Whether you want to make designer clothes for yourself because you are tired of your clothes looking just like everyone else's, or you hope to make designer clothes for profit, with a little knowledge and creativity, you can be on your way to making designer clothes just as unique as you are.

Conceptualize a unique brand for your designer clothes. Your brand should be something that distinguishes your clothes from other designer clothes on the market. What's going to make your designer clothes so appealing that others will want to purchase them? For example, all of your blue jeans could have a crystal heart attached to the back pocket. Or all of your shirts could have asymmetrical cuts that are unique to your clothing line.

Sketch your ideas for your designer clothes on your sketch pad with a pencil. Don't be afraid to be creative with your sketch ideas. Whatever you sketch, there is someone out there who can assist you in making your vision a reality. You can make notations on your sketches about fabrics, sizes and colors.

Give your sketch to a pattern maker, who will turn it into a pattern. Once you have a pattern you can use the pattern repeatedly. Consider purchasing a pattern for each size that you need. For instance, if the clothing item will be sold in sizes 6 and 8, then purchase a size 6 pattern and a size 8 pattern from the pattern maker.

Lay the fabric that you chose for your designer clothes onto a flat surface. Lay the pattern on top of the fabric. Pin the fabric to the pattern. Use scissors to cut around the pattern. The pins will be included in your sewing kit.

Sew the pieces of fabric together according to the pattern instructions until the clothing item is completed. Your sewing kit will include buttons, needles, thread and other items needed to complete your project.

Create a unique clothing tag for your design. Sew the tag inside of the article of clothing.


  • To sell your designer clothes, try visiting local boutiques or stores to show them your designs. Or try selling the clothes online.

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