How to Make Cushions for a Porch Swing

How to Make Cushions for a Porch Swing. A porch swing is meant to be sat in for extended periods of time. After a while you may find that the porch swing is no longer comfortable. A nice set of cushions could make the difference between sitting for a few minutes to sitting for a few hours, but purchasing cushions for a porch swing can be expensive. Follow these steps to make cushions for a porch swing.

Measure the seat of the porch swing. You will also need to measure the back side of the porch swing if you plan on making a back rest cushion. Be sure to get the height and width for both cushions.

Select the fabric you're going to use for the porch swing cushions. The fabric should be a heavier, more durable type to withstand the elements of weather. Because you're making the cushions, you get to pick whichever colors and patterns you want.

Cut the material to fit your measurements. You will need 2 matching pieces of material per cushion.

Turn the material inside out and line up the edges. Stitch along 3 of the 4 sides of your cushions while the material is still inside out. By stitching this way you will be able to hide the excess material inside the cushions.

Reverse the material to be pattern-side out. This should now resemble a pillowcase. Check your seams to be sure you stitched good enough and no holes are breaking through.

Stuff the pillowcase-looking cushions with polyfil from the craft store. Depending on how much you stuff the cushions will determine how hard or soft your cushions are going to be. Customize the firmness of the cushion to meet your specific needs.

Sew the fourth side closed once you're finished stuffing the cushions. You can sew this last side by hand or with a sewing machine, and the cushions are ready to adorn your porch swing.

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