How to Make Crafts With Mesh

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Things You'll Need

  • Metal mesh
  • Wire cutters
  • 1/4-inch thick plywood
  • Marker
  • Hand saw
  • Glue gun
  • Tempera paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Photos
  • Miniature binder clips
  • 1/2 yard soft mesh fabric
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Craft scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread

Mesh is a type of woven material that can be used in a multitude of craft projects. This see-through material allows for breathability and transparency, so that you can look into your craft. Some meshes come softer, while others are heavier. Medium to heavy meshes take on sturdier qualities than other types of materials, so they can stand up to more wear and tear. Soft mesh materials, on the other hand, have movement and fluidity. To understand the versatility of mesh, try making craft projects that use soft and heavy mesh materials.

Metal Mesh Picture Frame Board

Cut an 8-by-10 inch piece of mesh out of a metal mesh sheet. Use wire cutters, which are designed for cutting through heavier materials.

Build the frame around the 8-by-10 mesh sheet. Place a piece of thin plywood next to the length of the sheet. Mark the measurement onto the plywood with a marker so that you know how long to cut the plywood.

Use a hand saw to cut the strip of plywood to be the same length as the metal mesh. Make a second strip of equal length.

Measure the width of the mesh sheet against a new piece of plywood. You need two pieces of shorter plywood for the width to create a full frame. Mark the place to cut the plywood with your marker, again, and make two width strips of the plywood.

Glue the plywood pieces together to make a rectangle. The two long pieces are on opposite sides and the two width pieces are on opposite ends. Glue the mesh sheet to the front of the frame. Now you have a box-like frame with a mesh screen in the front.

Paint the plywood with tempera paint. You can also paint the mesh if you want everything to be one color.

Hang photos to your mesh screen frame with miniature binder clips for an industrial-looking picture frame.

Soft Mesh Tote

Lay your 1/2 yard of mesh fabric flat on your work table. Run your grosgrain ribbon spool along the edges of the mesh and cut the ribbon when the entire outline of the mesh is covered.

Sew the ribbon onto the edges of the mesh with your sewing machine. Line up the ribbon so that it sticks out 1/4 inch past the edge of the mesh.

Fold the mesh sheet in half, lengthwise, when the ribbon is sewn on. You will have two open ends. Sew the two open ends of the tote together at the ribbon. Now, the tote should be enclosed.

Make the shoulder straps for your mesh tote bag out of grosgrain ribbon. Measure the length that you want the shoulder straps to hang, and cut out two equal strips. Sew one end of the strip to one end of the bag and the other end of the strip to the other end of the bag, on the same side. Do the same for the other side of the tote. Each side should have its own shoulder strap.


  • Watch out for fingers when using hand saws!