How to Make Cornstarch Oobleck

There is nothing magical about oobleck, yet it's so fun to make and fun to play with. It's just a goo that you stick your hands in and squish through your fingers. It feels sort of solid yet turns to liquid so you can't pick it up. This simple recipe for oobleck will entertain your kids any time they are bored. It's a fun thing to do at a kid's party, too! Just keep some clean water nearby so the kids can clean up after they get themselves slimed.

Mix two parts cornstarch to one part water in the mixing bowl. Add a drop or two of food coloring if you want. To make a larger batch of oobleck, just get a bigger bowl or use a plastic tub and keep adding two parts of cornstarch to one part water. Mix until it's thick.

Stick your hands in your bowl or tub of oobleck and just squish it! Try to pick it up and watch it turn from mush to liquid and just slide off your hands and between your fingers. A big tub of oobleck is a party favorite.

Put a bucket of clean water nearby so the kids can wash their hands.

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