How to Make Artificial Corn Stalks

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/4-inch PVC pipe
  • PVC Pipe Cutter
  • Green plastic paint
  • Green tissue paper
  • Brown felt paper
  • Microphone stand base
  • Fishing line
  • Clear duct tape

If you are producing one of the many Broadway musicals or dramatic stage productions that are set on farms, the time may come where you want to incorporate corn stalks as part of your set dressing. However, taking a stalk out of the ground and bringing it into your theater will result in it quickly dying. Fortunately, if you need the prop for a longer amount of time, it is possible to create one using common items.

Cut the PVC pipe to your desired length.

Cover the pipe with a complete coat of the green plastic paint.

Attach pieces of the green tissue paper to the pipe with the clear duct tape. Crumple the ends to give them the appearance of leaves. If you desire the leaves to point upwards, attach the other end of the pieces of paper to the pipe with fishing line and duct tape.

Place the bottom of the pipe into the microphone stand base so that it stands up straight and allows for easy placement and removal from the stage. Cover it with the brown felt paper to give it the appearance of protruding from the ground.