How to Make Ankle Toe Bracelet Out of Beads

Things You'll Need

  • 40 gram pack of size 6 seed beads
  • 8 mm bead (1)
  • Glue
  • Elastic beading cord
  • Scissors

An ankle toe bracelet is jewelry for the often overlooked feet. It is a bracelet for the ankle with a ring attached for one of the toes. Bead enthusiasts can get very creative when making ankle toe bracelets because there are many types of beading techniques and a large variety of beads. It is always best to choose beads and stringing materials carefully because the beauty of ankle toe bracelets depend mostly on the combination of beads used.

Cut 30 inches of the beading cord.

String enough seed beads to cover 6 inches of the cord. Hold the ends of the cord together and move the beads down to the center.

Tie an overhand knot to secure the beads on the cord.

String seed beads on one arm of the beading cord, enough to cover 6 inches. Repeat this process for the other side of the cord.

Tie an overhand knot to secure the beads.

String seed beads onto 12 inches of each arm of the cord.

String the 8mm bead onto one arm of the cord.

Make a square knot. Dab a spot of glue on the knot to secure it, and wait for the glue to dry.

Cut the excess cord off the knot. Tuck the knot into the pony bead.